Sunday, January 25, 2015 

Why I no hair

After taking a long hiatus from blogging, I'M BACK lol. I would like to talk about hair loss. Since I realized, long ago actually, that my hairline is receding quite badly. When I was in high school, I was always aware that my forehead is a quite big. But I took pride in it since I noticed some good actors such as Nicolas Cage had a big forehead as well lol. But it seems both him and I are having the same problem affecting millions of men globally - male pattern baldness. Or in this case, specifically speaking, frontal baldness.

I first began to realized my hairline was thinning after finishing college with my first degree. Before that, I always thought that I was born with big forehead. In denial of the problem, I kept a bang KPOP-style to hid my big forehead. But I know as I age, I do not think the bang-ala-KPOP hairstyle would suit a 30 something dude like me. I think it would not only look horrendous but disgusting as well especially with a big round nose like mine. So I let the bang go while struggling to finish my PhD. I kept a normal short hair suited for a 30 something dude who was ready to get married.

Then I looked around for help. I read several articles online about baldness and got some brochures on hair loss treatment. But I came to a conclusion that there is no cure for baldness - hair loss treatment will only help men manage the problem, probably by slowing down the recession. And it does not come cheap, plus I have to dedicate some time at the clinic/shop providing the treatment. So, no money no time, no hair loss treatment for me.

What should I do? I accept it. Let the nature does it job. My grandfather on my mother's side lost all of his hair too. So maybe I just inherited the hair loss gene from him. On the contrary, my father still have a lot of hair, so perhaps either my father does not inherit any hair loss gene from his father or no hair loss gene from his side of the family. Accepting defeat is not easy. I always think about my image, since my job nature requires me to face people all the time. What would people think when they look at my shiny forehead? Would people turn blind temporarily from the glare reflecting off my hairless head? Or would I look as good as Steve Jobs who, despite having very little frontal hair, looked awesome for his age? I guess I will know the answer soon.

Life is easy. If I am worried about my hair, I am only going to complicate my life further.

Sunday, July 15, 2012 

Qoute of the day I got from yahoo news comment section:
"Always look out for other drivers, because they wont"
In other words, it is always a good thing to anticipate other driver's error on the road. Something I always keep in mind while driving. And I found myself a lot of times having to "give way" to these people to avoid getting into any trouble on the road. In some cases, "give way" is a courtesy, especially in bad traffic during rush hour, or due to accident or construction. But is some cases, it is a defense mechanism to avoid collision and keep myself, my car and my money safe. Here are two examples where my defense mechanism kicked in upon encountering some bad behaviors on the road:

During my journey back to kampung, looking at the rear mirror I saw a pick up overtaking some cars on doubled lines. Though illegal, it was something very common on federal road. Then the pick up approaced me before a very sharp corner and accelerated to overtake me. I thought it was a very ill-adviced decision on the pick up part because I could not see the incoming traffic from the opposite direction. Therefore I slowed down hoping the pick up would make it in time. I was right. A car suddenly emerged on the opposite direction around the corner. I push my brake to set a safe distance between me and the pick up and the pick up safely went pass my car just before the car approached both of us. All of us left the place unscratched.

Also on my journay back to kampung. I was driving casually on a winding and bumpy federal road. It was very difficult to see the incoming traffic so I drove my car very slowly. Suddenly out of the blue I saw a Perdana overtaking another car at proabably about 50 meters in front of me. I had to push the brake because I thought the Perdana would not pass the car if I keep my speed in that distance. Then the Perdana just casually went passed the car just before I approached both cars. Again, all of us left the place unscratched.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012 

Sports fan

Being born and growing up in the northeast of peninsular Malaysia, so naturally I should be a staunch supporter of TRW. But I would prefer to keep myself in the closet and not making it too obvious like thousands if not millions of other TRW supporter. Why? Because I do not feel right to show my support to TRW when they are doing good - a true character of a fair weather fan. Do not get me wrong though. I will always been a TRW fan at heart but to show it to others, i.e. wearing TRW jersey or boasting about their win on FB, is another thing. And I am never loyal to TRW in the truest sense. What I mean here is, am I going to wear TRW jersey or post news about TRW on FB if they are relegated to second or third division? Five or six years ago, I did not recall anyone in my homestate wearing TRW jerseys. Now they are sold for close to RM100 a piece. All of sudden, everybody cannot stop talking about TRW. But where were they five or six years ago?

But, being a Golden Eagles and Packers fan is different for me. Living thousands of miles away from America's Dairyland, I find it very easy to wear my Marquette cap without anybody noticing or even care about it. And I am never a Marquette or Packers fair weather fan since going to Marquette. I know Packers lost to Giants last year and Marquette has not won anything meaningful for decades but it did not change my heart on both teams. And I was content that despite the losses, both play very competitively and show a lot of heart in their respective games. But for some reason, I do not find myself supporting Colorado Buffs and Denver Broncos as I do for Golden Eagles and Packers despite spending more than two years in Boulder. I would still love to see them win some games but if they happen to meet Golden Eagles and Packers, there would be no doubt who I would pick to win.

Anyway, I keep on checking for news on TRW because after all they are representing my home state in the local football scene. I'm really proud of their achievements and wish them all the best in their pursuit to championship.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 

A trip to an orphanage

Image taken from

I went to Maahad Tahfiz Darul Fuqaha, a private orphanage located in Bangi last Saturday. My intention was to play futsal with my friends, P and K. I did not really think too much about these poor kids. In my whole life, I never get a chance to interact with orphans living in orphanage. I do have friends who lost one of their parents but they seem to be doing well with their single mom/dad. But, this is definitely my first interaction with kids who either lost both of their parents or parents who are too poor to take care of them. Though I see them often in television and newspapers, never once in my life I thought maybe I should do something for them. That's how bad I am. Raising in a middle class family whose parents are doing well financially, I guess it is very easy to overlook people who have very little to eat everyday.

Two days before, after picking up a call from P, I did not hesitate to tell him I really want to go to this place. I felt very excited about the opportunity. I thought the time has finally came. I commended P for his initiative to help these poor kids and gave them a chance at playing in a futsal arena since their principal, Ustaz MKA, told us they never play football outside their school. This was one of a few things on that day that made my heart sinks thinking about their wellbeing. But seeing them playing that day, I could not help but noticed that despite their lack of means, the majority of them are actually quite happy with their life. They seemed to be really enjoying our presence and playing their game. Some of them even took the opportunity to wander around the sports complex and watch in awe the construction next to the building. It's probably not everyday they could see working cranes and heavy machines lifting rocks, steel and cements.

But I also noticed that some of them did not look particularly happy to be there. They had a very sad look in their face. I would never forget those looks. Somewhat something told me the looks on their face reflect their very very sad life. They also spoke with a very soft voice, in contrast to some of my friends who speak like a radio on full volume. Their manners also tell me they are very humble people and they never stop saying "thank you" to us for the whole afternoon. I kept telling myself I could not take this anymore without shedding rivers of tears gush from my eyes. I was reminded of my childhood, how I was tended, reared, nurtured, cared for, taught, educated and loved by my parents. Despite some rifts between my parents and I when I was a teenager, we went on and now our relationship is greater than ever. This whole situation in front me reminded me how lucky I am to grow up with my parents.

I ended up playing with them for only 20 minutes. After all, this game is for them to play. When we stopped, there was no doubt there were a lot of satisfactions on their face.They should enjoyed this one. And maybe more after this. P was satisfied too. For once, I am really proud to have a friend like him. P said,"It should not stop here."

I agree.

Sunday, February 19, 2012 

A perfect gift

I came across this website where a guy is raising fund to buy a birthday gift for his wife. Apparently this guy is planning to buy a dslr camera. But he could not afford it so he wants to get at least close to one grand (in dollar), which for me is a lot of money. Still, I commend him for trying to get a very nice present for his wife, and whoever donating money for him.

To be honest I was a bit dumbfounded while reading the plea from the husband. For god's sake would it be really that necessary to buy such an expensive gift while he cannot afford it? I understand that he really love her and there is a need to cherish her and fulfill her dream. But to go such a great extend asking for other people's money for me is a bit overboard. Why not saving up and buying that later when he saves enough money? Why not taking more than 1 job in the already tough job market? I will never understand the real motive though. Nor can I judge him. Maybe he has a very good reason I will never know.

On the other hand, I have a hard time trying to buy anything to my girlfriend. I offered her a handbag and a pair of shoe but she refused for reasons I don't really know. So far I bought her a scarf she really loves but then unfortunately it was accidentally spoiled by her aunt. I offered her to buy another but she said she wants it later. I could not really understand her. I got a feeling she really want them all but she just does not want to look too eager. Last weekend we went to KLCC and I bought a handbag to my mum as a gift. Then she suddenly become cold and sullen. When I asked if I did something wrong, she did not answer. And it has been going on for days.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 

Animal Planets in the Garden

I think I found another reason I am really into gardening. It's not just for getting some workout and enjoying the produce of my labor. I noticed that I really like watching small animals doing their things. It's the same feeling I have when I am watching National Geographic or Animal Planet. It's not like I am watching lions preying on gazelles or anything close, but I found a lot of similar predator prey relationships on a smaller scale. Spiders spinning webs assiduously between tiny chili plant branches hoping for tiny whiteflies to be their lunch and dinner, magpie robins, sparrows, swallows and mynas flocking in groups looking for worms and small insects, and industrious weaver ants attacking just about everything that moves.

Watching these animals doing their things can be really fascinating. On a single Roselle plant, I can watch weaver ants building their home (nest), transporting eggs, attacking small insects, and tending herds (aphids). That's right! We are not the only species on Earth rearing animals for our own benefit. Weaver ants do. But they do not eat the aphids. The aphids suck sap from plant and produces honeydew that weaver ants love. This is liking to cows and goats producing milk that we love. But, this practice of farming is not good for me. These ants and aphids keep on attacking my Roselle plant and leave me with less good quality buds than before.

But more interestingly, I learned that small insects are not the only ones taking advantage of my works in the garden. I notice that a couple of Mynas are always wandering around me whenever I am tending my garden. It seems to me that these mynas are looking for worms of insects that are hiding beneath topsoil. What happen is, whenever I use my tool to uproot weeds or plowing soil, some unlucky worms or insects might come along with the soil. So to these mynas, the food are readily available freely and save them a lot of energies.

Rasulullah SAW said, "Never does a Muslim plants a tree, but that he earns the reward of charity because what is eaten from it; and likewise what is stolen from it, what the wild beasts eat out of it, what the birds eat out of it, and what people take from it is charity for him."
Sahîh Muslim

Friday, November 04, 2011 

Work or no work

I've been battling flu for two days and it is still not showing any sign of recovery. I can walk and drive my car but I do not want to take any chance it might get worse by going to lab. Plus, I also do not want to disseminate this virus to anyone else. The good thing is I am living in a new apartment complete with kitchen and utensils so I can prepare my own food. I could not take anything much but a veggie soup was a good one. But other than cooking, I hardly do anything else.

"Relaxing is good," said my gf. She's always worry about my health condition which she thought getting worse everyday since I started my phd. I know I hardly pay attention to my health condition since then but I hardly get sick. I exercise regularly every week to keep my body fit and healthy - I suppose. But my gf insist I should not work out too much. Maybe she was right. The day before I got sick, I played badminton for 2 hours. But I hardly want to blame it on my regular exercise.

In the afternoon before I got sick, I was hit by rain. The moment I was soaked with rainwater, I knew I'm gonna get sick because it happened before. But since I was paying more attention to my studies, I brushed off the idea and hardly did anything. I got home that night feeling superb after my 2 hours badminton game and looked forward to a shiny day. But not only did it rained yesterday, I felt exhausted and weak after I woke up from bed. I realized I just caught a cold and resorted to lying on the bed hoping it would get better by itself.

It did not so I had to see a doctor today. Luckily I found a UPM panel clinic nearby and got my consultation and medicines for free. I'm still hoping to get better tomorrow because I have tons of works to do. I have already spent two days without doing anything meaningful and could not bear to spend one more day doing nothing. But perhaps taking another day off might be the better thing to do. Like my gf told me, I deserve some breaks.

I would like to think the other way round. My buddy, Dr. A hardly took any sleep, let alone break, to finish his phd. Why can't I do the same. I was surprised to learn that until today, Dr. A is still not taking much sleep and break from works. I always know he is a workaholic but I am thoroughly impressed how he always remain in healthy condition even without much break and exercise. I knew Dr. P passed out once in class from exhaustion, Dr. M was admitted to hospital due to hypoglycemia and our VC is battling cancer for years. But I do not remember Dr. A getting sick if any. What is he like? A superman. Even superman will get sick from kryptonite poisoning.